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Facing Facts…Again

As I write this, I’m looking out my front window at a few maple trees that haven’t had their best autumn. Instead of glorious golden prom gowns, they’re sporting mottled fading green and gold leaves with giant ugly black spots from some fungus. Blech. And, the gray of November that I was pining for during […]

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Facing Facts on the Fifth – April

It's April already — and in Wisconsin, spring has sprung much earlier than usual. My lilacs, which don't typically bloom until mid-May, have buds. The greening of the world is something I love after the grays of winter, but this year, it's spectacular — and way too early. It almost feels like the summer's coming […]

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New Literary Review Launches

I’m excited to announce the launching of The Lyon Review, featuring the literary work of Mount Holyoke College alumnae and faculty. The first issue features a novel excerpt from Sibella Giorello. Here’s what The Lyon Review says about Ms. Giorello: Sibella Giorello ’85 is author of a mystery novel series featuring FBI Special Agent Raleigh […]

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Poetry and Tears

I envy the poet’s abilities to stir my soul. I write some poetry, but not much — the form often eludes me. It seems I was born with a novelist’s sensibilities, though I’ve been able, with work, practice and education, to write short stories too, and the occasional poem. I’ve been reading more poetry this month, […]

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