A Roundup of Writing Posts

I thought I’d use this post to refer you to a few posts I’ve enjoyed and/or learned from recently.

For a good, recent piece on the VIDA count, about gender disparity in publishing, see the new Poets & Writers article, VIDA’s Powerful Point, by Melissa Faliveno.

Need some advice on managing writing projects? Lisa Rivero’s post, Planning vs. Doing, might help. Some of Natalie Houston’s tips in this piece made me slap my forehead and …

In query letter hell? Check out Courtney Maum’s post at the Tin House blog, How to Stay Sane While Querying Literary Agents.

Roxane Gay, one of my favorite essayists, has a marvelous post up called How to Be A Contemporary Writer.

And, finally, I have a post up at The Lyon Review called Marks on the Path to Publication. I list my plan and the steps I’ve taken to seek representation for my novel.

Happy reading and writing!

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